Helping online retailers reduce merchandising costs

If you are an online retailer or marketplace carrying multiple brands, merchandizing cost is a major component of your P&L, as you organize products into curated, cross-brand collections.

With Fiteo technology, you can cut your merchandizing costs by automating product curation with powerful AI tools and increase sales with AI-assisted product discovery.

Automated Curation

Create Product Collections in minutes rather than hours with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Hand-pick a small number of products and watch AI find similar products to complete the collection. 

Eliminate maintenance of existing collections completely with the help of AI that will examine new arrivals and place them in the appropriate collections, with zero touch. 

Shop the Look

With Fiteo, Shop the Look comes out of the box so you don’t need to pay big dollars to 3rd party vendors.

As you create collections, our technology automatically organizes products into looks and enables discovery by occasion, style, body type, price, etc. 

Human Product Discovery

Empower your customers to discover products the way humans do – by uploading or snapping a photo, using natural language, or choosing and personalizing a Look.


Customers are Influencers

Turn every customer into an influencer by allowing them to create personalized Looks.

Empower customers to customize any look by suggesting alternative products using visual similarity and price. Then enable them to post the look to Facebook and Pinterest and drive organic traffic to your online store.


Integration doesn’t need to take months. Our technology is easy to implement thanks to a library of plug’n’play components in Vue, ReactJS, and React Native.

If your platform runs on a different stack, our engineering team is ready to jump in and help cut time-to-market.

We are on Shopify

Fiteo technology is integrated with the Shopify platform.  Sync your products in a single click, download and upload collections, go to market with Shop the Look in 3 business days.