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Art of Fashion + Science of AI

Convert more Shoppers to Buyers

Style Products for a
Complete Look

Fiteo acts like a knowledgeable in-store salesperson.

We advice how a product can be combined with complimentary items for a complete, head-to-toe look.

Highlight Occasions
to wear your Products

Fiteo explains when and where your products can be worn.

Your Customer now has a clear reason to buy!

Purchase Entire Outfit
with a few clicks

Fiteo expands product discovery of low traffic items (e.g. accessories) but highlighting them in outfits.

Your customer can purchase the entire look (or parts of it) with just a few clicks!

Increase your Conversion

Expand Product Discovery

Increase Basket

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Fiteo handles everything


An Outfit, at a minimum, is a 2-piece to include a top and a bottom.

In most cases, Fiteo’s outfits are 3-5 pieces, including a layer (e.g. jacket), footwear, jewelry, accessories. 

See examples on Fiteo’s demo store.

In the Starter plan, Fiteo’s outfits are presented on your Product Pages.

In the Emerging plan, we expand to other parts of your store to include Checkout and Homepage!

Fiteo’s Outfit Advisor app is a breeze to install and quick to use.

  1. Install the app in minutes.
  2. Fiteo will access your catalog and setup outfits in a few days (in most cases). 
  3. Start see Outfits in your Store!

You install the App. Fiteo handles everything else.

You have 2 plans to choose from, primarily based on the size of your catalog.

  1. Pick Starter plan if your catalog is less than 100 products. It costs $299/month (billed annually).
  2. Pick the more powerful Emerging plan if your catalog is up to 1000 products. This costs $799/month (billed annually). 

For larger catalogs, contact us!

You can get started with $10 per day (a fraction of the cost of a style advisor). And, get a very generous 60 day Free trial!

You will get weekly reports that tracks how Fiteo’s Outfit Advisor is improving conversion on your Store.

We are actively working with Brands and Retailers who are not on Shopify! 

Drop us a note at so that we can bring Fiteo to your Store!

Send us a request via Shopify or drop a note to

We provide 24×7 support. And, we respond in 24 hours. So, rest assured that your issues will be addressed quickly and promptly.

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Talk to Raghu, Fiteo's CEO