At a Glance

Fiteo uses the ART + SCIENCE approach to make outfits

ART: Professional Stylists to create outfit templates.
SCIENCE: We use these to make thousands of outfits, with the help of proprietary AI algorithms.

Once your outfits are created, you can use them to improve conversion and basket size across
products pages, checkout, post-purchase, and outbound channel.

Shopify Brands

For Shopify brands, we offer a Shopify app available in the Shopify Marketplace. Install it, sync your catalog to Fiteo, and within 3 business days, start seeing improvements in conversion and basket size as your customers browse dozens of outfits for every product in your catalog.

FREE 60-Day Trial. 24×7 Tech Support.

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Physical Stores

Imagine that you have a professionally trained Fashion Stylist to attend to every customer in store. It’s possible with Fiteo’s Scan-to-Style feature! 

Place QR codes next to your product. As your customers scan them with their phone, they’ll see outfit recommendations in a branded web app. 

Inspire your customers with new looks and give them ideas for different occasions, styles, and price points.  

The branded web app is included in this solution.  It’ll feature your logo, your colors, and for all practical purposes, act like your app.  Because it’s a web app, no download is required.  


Custom Online Storefronts

If you run your online store in-house, we offer integration services to customize our templates to the technology and look and feel of your store.  You don’t need to start from scratch – let us do the legwork and help you get up and running in 2 to 4 weeks.  We currently offer custom development services in React and Vue for Web and ReactNative for mobile.


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Empower Your Stylists

If you prefer to use your in-house stylists, Fiteo will equip them with a world-class tool to create hundreds of outfits in less than 60 minutes. Our Outfit Creator features:

  • Keyword search. Quickly find products in your catalog.
  • Trends search. Use advanced search to look up products based on current trends in the world of fashion. Create a celebrity look in minutes.
  • Multiple outfit templates (top-bottom-shoe, top-bottom-shoe-accessory, etc.)
  • Outfit Preview.
  • Custom Tagging.


Free training included.